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Disaster relief update

So many people want to help and that is fantastic.
Right now we are assessing needs, but if you are interested in helping or now people who want to help, gas gift cards, food gift cards or cash or check or online donations would help the most at this point in time.
Clothes and other necessities will likely be needed in the days to come.
Donations can be made @ the UC Village Office or the Southern Michigan Bank & Trust in U.C. or you can donate online on this website.

Cash is needed for 1) tree cleanup and 2) because Consumer’s Energy can run power to some home, but they can’t because there is nothing to hook it up to for those who do not have insurance.

We are not giving cash to the residents but using it to pay for the people who are doing the work for them.

If you want to donate your time and effort, you can certainly drive to the area and I am sure there would be folks who would put you to work. The church yard needs some attention as well though a group got some of it yesterday.

God bless you for your prayers & support you have already given to each other & to our community!


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