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Be a Berean

What standard do you live by? In Acts 17:10-12, the Bereans searched the Scriptures to make sure Paul and Silas were preaching the truth about Jesus. So, the best way to make sure you are right side up is to…

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From upside down to right side up

"From upside down to right side up" Paul & Silas were accused of turning the world upside down. But the reality is Thessalonica was already upside down, Paul & Silas were just trying to turn it right side up with…

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Full circle

Have you ever been mistreated or persecuted by someone, but later have the opportunity to extend grace as the situation comes full circle? In Acts 16:16-40, Paul & Silas are mistreated, but they let God handle it and it soon…

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A tale of two converts

At the beginning of the 2nd missionary journey of the Apostle Paul, he meets two women who both need Jesus, but come from very different circumstances. Jesus radically changes both of their lives, and He can change ours as well…

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Open doors and closed doors

Have you ever made it through a corn maze? At times it can be both fun and frustrating. Sometimes life is like that. If God closes a door, will you accept it and move on? If God opens a different…

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dealing with disagreements

Acts 15:36-41 Been in a heated argument lately? We've all been there. Is it possible both of you are right? Can two Christians disagree? Yes, yes & yes. Let's take a look at the brouhaha Paul and Barnabas got into…

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The not-so-secret recipe

In Acts 15+16, the early church was growing. The keys to success in their ministry isn't a secret. In fact, we can find the basis for them in Jesus' Great Commission. They are the no-so-secret recipe for successful ministry.

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New Life

Superintendent Emeritus Thomas Ramundo shares about the new life in Christ which is available to anyone and will give you "new hope, new values, new attitudes, new motivations, new feelings, new direction and new destiny; New life, love, longings and…

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