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mission trip devo

Hey team! Just 6 days until we leave for Guatemala! How many of you have a "to-do" list? How many of you have a very long "to-do" list? Probably the most important thing on your "to-do" list (and mine) should…

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Easter Sunrise Service

Join us for Easter Sunrise Service on April 1st @ 8:30 a.m. We will be worshipping with Crossroads Bible Church for this special service @ their church to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus! Please join us immediately following our brief…

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John – part XXXI

Have you ever been in the wrong place @ the wrong time with the wrong people & you got into trouble?       You weren’t even doing anything wrong… but you were just there & you got in trouble……

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John part XXIII

         Have you ever felt judged by someone else?          I see that hand…          I don’t need a show of hands this time, but have you ever judged someone else?          Or, have you ever judged someone only later…

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John part XXII

Has life ever left you thirsty? I’m not talking about being thirsty & wanting water to drink… I'm talking about when life leaves you unsatisfied… Has life left you thirsty? So, you’re sitting @ a stop light & you’re starring…

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