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Advent – week one

100's of years before Jesus was born, prophecies were foretold about Him. In our 1st week of Advent, we anticipate celebrating Jesus' birth by reflecting on Scriptures which point to His coming.  

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Sharing your story

In Acts 22, Paul tells his story by sharing what his life was like B.C. (before Christ), how he met Him and what his life was like since. This is a simple way we can share our story with those…

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Peace in chaos

Acts 19:23-41 While things might seem like they are out of control in our life, they are never out of His control. We can have peace in the midst of chaos.

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The blind spot

If you're driving on the highway and you're in someone's blind spot and they try to change lanes into your lane, you will probably honk at them. And yet, when someone gets sideways spiritually in our life, how often do…

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Due to the holidays, the Fresh Food Distribution for November & December dates have been changed to: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7TH 9:30-11:30 AM SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5TH 9:30-11:30 AM In 2021, we will return to our normal 4th Saturday food distribution: SATURDAY, JANUARY…

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